Once upon a time, Sfiya.
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My name is Safae and I am a Moroccan-Canadian artist, designer, and architect based in Montreal, QC. 

In 2019, I launched my brand, Sfiya. In Morocco, Sfiya is a teasing yet tender nickname for all the Safaes in the country. Sfiya is Safae's popular alter ego; its earthy, amusing and endearing version.

Today, Sfiya is an artistic approach that reconciliates us with the modern world, by suggesting a surreal, poetic and humorous vision.


Sfiya's approach is maximalist, extolling fusion of styles, mix of genres, bright colors, original materials, and sophisticated graphism  As a multidisciplinary service platform in art, illustration, and interior design, Sfiya's mission is to charm and tickle the mind.


Thank you for your visit and welcome to Sfiya

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T. 514 - 444 - 2020  |

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