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1. Soup consumed in Morocco during the month of Ramadan (A month where the Muslim community practices fasting from sunrise to sunset).

2. Moroccan expression meaning anarchy and chaos.


H'RIRA, in its proper sense, refers to a soup made of various highly nutritious ingredients. H’RIRA is revered. It sits gloriously in the middle of the table. It is handled with care and eaten with a background of a bad sitcom. For the uninitiated, it is quite an adventure. The ritual is paradoxical, the texture of the soup unusual and its composition elusive.


It’s probably for it’s elusive aspect that the expression H'RIRA, figuratively speaking, refers to a state of anarchy. The H'RIRA creates a deep state of confusion in the one who lives it. In Morocco, finding oneself in a H'RIRA is often inevitable and resisting it is totally pointless. So, if you can't untangle it, you learn to live the H'RIRA. #embraceyourhrira


This project tells the story of a young H'RIRAddict (literally speaking) who ventured into her personal H'RIRA (figuratively speaking) to discern its various components.

Two intentions followed this introspection:

- To propose a reading of this H'RIRA and to value its components - This benevolence guided my reconciliation with my personal H'RIRA.

- To break with the commonly orientalist and colonialist representation of Morocco and build one's own narrative of oneself through art




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